Thursday, June 27, 2013

the color run, part 2!

So, I signed up for another color run, like 2 weeks after my first one! This one was in Winston-Salem though, pretty much the same distance away as Charlotte. Still, I had a blast!

My GPS on my phone didn't work and I didn't take my watch, so I have no idea what my time was or anything like that. It didn't really matter though, because this run was more for fun than anything else! Next color run that I do, I think i'll wear a tutu or dress up or something like that! There definitely is going to be more in the future though!

This time they had colored water as well as the colored powder stuff, which was pretty neat! I liked the shirts much better this time too, but when I washed this one all the color came out. :( The one from the run in Charlotte didn't wash all the way out, but instead the color just faded, needless to say I was a little sad.

There were a ton of people at this one, even though it hadn't sold out by the time it started. There were kids, babies in strollers, whole families, pregnant women pushing strollers with babies, there was just a variety of people! There is going to be another one in Raleigh in September, I think, but I am debating on signing up for that one as I will be towards the end of my half marathon training, so we will see!

Then there was the color party at the end! Wow, so much COLOR!!!

And of course my Race Swag!

I love these fun runs, they make running so much more than just exercise! They make it enjoyable, instead of feeling like you're just exercising, you're having fun!

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