Tuesday, June 18, 2013

and i'm back!

I know I took a few months off from writing, but i'm back! I am still running, and i've added in crosstraining to my regime. I have also started Les Mills Combat from Beachbody, and it is awesome! It pushes me to my limits and makes me sweat! I have ran a few 5k's, keeping on track with my 13 in 2013 goal, and I have my first half marathon planned in October.

My favorite 5k so far has been the Warrior Dash in North Carolina on the 1st. It was a 3 mile mud run with obstacles, some that I didn't know that I could do until I actually did them! I will be posting race recaps with photos and details. I am so proud of myself for doing all these runs, especially when I didn't think that I could really do them to begin with!

I am on my way to a better and healthier lifestyle, I want to be a good role model for my daughters. I want them to know that it pays off to live a healthy and active lifestyle and that it is all worth it!

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