Wednesday, January 2, 2013

r.i.t.n.y 5k

How did you ring in your new years?! I rang mine in with a 5k, starting at midnight! There were quite a few people there, more than I thought would be there. I was very nervous when it first started. I was running in my very first official 5k. But I ended up having a ton of fun, and I had my little munchkins at the finish line waiting for me when it was all over with! It made me feel so awesome to cross that finish line, I just wish I had done it faster, but, hey i'm getting better! 

I know it's already January 2nd, but it's better now than never to announce my goals for 2013. Do you set goals for yourself each year? I don't normally, and if I do I don't ever reach them :/ I'm going to do better this year and actually stick to my goals.
- Run 13 in 2013 (it doesn't have to be 13 5ks, or 13 half marathon or marathons, just runs)
- Run a half marathon ( I got my sights set on the Rock-n-Roll Half marathon in Virginia) 
- Complete a warrior dash 
- Start meal planning
- Eat healthier
- Stop procrastinating so much!

Now go run!

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