Monday, July 8, 2013

manic monday

Ahhhh, it's Monday again! The weekend is over and it's time to get back to the grind. Waking up at 430am (ish) is my way of starting my week right. I wake up, go spend some time at the gym while everyone is still asleep and then come home for breakfast and a nice post workout shake!

My plans for this week are:
Monday: Back and Biceps (am)
Tuesday: Legs (am)
Wednesday: Rest (although I might try and get a quick run in)
Thursday: Chest and Triceps (am)
Friday: Back and Biceps (am)
Saturday: Long Run (am)
Sunday: Recovery run (am)

Honestly, who knows what i'll be up to i the afternoons after the littles go to sleep. Maybe some P90x, or Les Mills Combat, I can't schedule anything because there are some nights when it's impossible for me to do anything and then I get frustrated because it didn't happen.  I know I will be doing something though! Got to stay active!

Just remember:

I might get myself one of these shirts, because there are one too many guys at my gym that walk around like this! Working on every body part is important, don't skip days just because it is tough!

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