Wednesday, July 17, 2013

extreme weight loss, feeling inspired

Does anyone else watch Extreme Weight Loss on ABC? I have to admit, I don't watch very much TV at all, I might watch a show every now and then, but I will watch this! I do, and I find it very enlightening and inspiring. Seeing the struggles that these people go through and what they deal with is incredible. Last weeks episode was about a girl named Jami and it was very emotional watching. If you haven't watched an episode or don't want to watch them you should watch this one. Chris Powell is awesome at pushing these people through their struggles and helping them in more ways than just by work outs. I've even seen him get emotional with these people, that's dedication!

What can I say?! I'm addicted to this show and Biggest Loser. I watch an episode of either of these and I want to go out and run like 10 miles!

So, I know if you watch it you'll find it inspiring as well!

Do you watch either of these shows, or anything else like them?

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